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A little reading, a lot of ideas

If you are interested in IT or Digital Marketing, you know that things move fast and that we are quickly inundated with suggestions for so-called miracle solutions that will change the way you work and sell your services.

Because it is undoubtedly a little ambitious, sometimes misleading, and most of the time gibberish, we share with you from time to time our opinion and our advice on new trends and best practices.

Have a good reading.

the blog

Why Digital Marketing might be your best investment during the COVID-19 crisis

It’s official, governments decided to shift into second gear with their social distancing policies in Ontario or Quebec. Other provinces might follow shortly (or already have by the time you are reading this). Dealerships’ doors are closed. That is the reality of the COVID-19 crisis and no-one can afford to ignore it by now. As dramatic as it sounds, there are some opportunities that should not be overlooked in these troubled times and digital marketing is key. Two main positions have clashed in recent days: resignation or opportunism. Here are some strategies we decided to present to those who will opt for the latter:

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