What we do

Creating interaction

Our service offering covers seven areas, our packages are turnkey, our prices are advantageous, and our customers recognize our reliability and dedication as our most remarkable qualities.

Do you need to complete your digital transition ? To have efficient, modern personalized tools that your customers love ? Do you want to run marketing campaigns that contribute to your brand awareness ? Generate new sales leads ? Boost your digital corporate image ? We do all of this for you and much more !

content and maintenance
digital advertising
reputation management
social medias
animations and videos

we are in Quebec, and we work all over Canada.

The agency

Infernal Media in a nutshell.

We are creating the interaction.

We are web specialists and enthusiasts. Our team is the meeting place of creative developers, rigorous content integrators, talented graphic designers, social media and online advertising pros. All of this in one single place.

We like the beautiful, the useful and the efficient. Building custom tools, crafting wow creatives drives us, and that's what we do every day.

From our offices, located in the heart of Quebec City, we help Canadian businesses rise and grow through information technology, from coast to coast.

We have a long history that began in 2003 with creating a small web design agency and two people. Over the years, we have changed names several times, added services and grown our team. Since 2016, the sustained growth of our activities has enabled us to offer our services nationally, and we are preparing to shine elsewhere in North America.

How can we help ?

our values

We are proud to have defined a solid corporate culture and to affirm the values we share as a team.

  • Always find a solution. If it doesn't exist, let's build it,
  • Always be there for our customers. Meet them as often as necessary,
  • Respond to each request promptly and follow up closely,
  • Take the time to look back and to the sides. Stay flexible and open-minded,
  • Always put people first,
  • Build things that make us proud,,
  • Build bridges with other companies that make sense,
  • Share the success.

Do you find us likable ?
You're right !

We are optimistic and dynamic people, so that's one good point for you if you've taken the time to get to know us! Maybe we could return the favour to you ? If you have any questions, ideas, let's share them !