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  • 2327 Boul. Du Versant-Nord
    Suite 210
  • G1N 4C2 Quebec City
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  • 8 rue Bourbeau
  • G1E 4V3 Quebec City
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  • from monday to friday
  • from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
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The agency

Infernal Media in a nutshell.

We are creating the interaction.

We are web specialists and enthusiasts. Our team is the meeting place of creative developers, rigorous content integrators, talented graphic designers, social media and online advertising pros. All of this in one single place.

We like the beautiful, the useful and the efficient. Building custom tools, crafting wow creatives drives us, and that's what we do every day.

From our offices, located in the heart of Quebec City, we help Canadian businesses rise and grow through information technology, from coast to coast.

How can we help ?

our values

We are proud to have defined a solid corporate culture and to affirm the values we share as a team.

  • Always find a solution. If it doesn't exist, let's build it,
  • Always be there for our customers. Meet them as often as necessary,
  • Respond to each request promptly and follow up closely,
  • Take the time to look back and to the sides. Stay flexible and open-minded,
  • Always put people first,
  • Build things that make us proud,,
  • Build bridges with other companies that make sense,
  • Share the success.

Our team.

The DNA of a company is above all the sum of the people who make it up and the results of their journeys. We are proud to present our team of enthusiasts.

President | Chief Technology Officer

What drives me is making a difference and giving real added value to each project, to each client.

Vice-President | CEO | General Manager

Our difference is above all our responsiveness and our ability to offer reliable and affordable solutions.

Creative Director

All of our projects are different that's what makes the work so interesting

Web Developer

Working at Infernal Media means taking on daily challenges to make a finished job impeccable !

Graphic Designer

You don't really work when you love what you do.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Every day, move forward, learn, share and create with a team of enthusiasts to provide the best possible service. Work yes, but also and above all a lot of fun !

Automotive Content Redactor

Sharing your passion is important. And spreading my passion and exploiting my automotive expertise by collaborating with a dedicated team, everyone wins !

Web Integrator

The pride of the work accomplished, I live it every day with each upload.

Graphic Designer

Passionate about design and web technologies. For me, everything is in the details, and I work to the pixel.

Marketing Coordinator

Sharing and growing within a human, passionate and inclusive team. It’s a real pleasure to be part of Infernal Media.

Account Manager | Social Media

I wake up in the morning with a good cup of extra cheerful coffee! Going to work is a real pleasure for me. Fun and challenges, it's my lunch every day !

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The Way-Back Machine

Starting from a personal and local business, we have diversified our activities and have considerably increased our clientele over the years. Discover a brief history of Infernal Media, a journey rich in experience for 18 years.


Foundation of RoseGrenouille, a personal web creation company focused on an integrated service approach offering web achievements and print design. Local-scale and first dealer customer (VW). One employee (Nicolas)


The company grows and becomes Twisto. This date marks the beginning of the diversification of activities. At the request of its clients and through various mandates, the company offers some website and web apps design services. We now have several contracts outside Quebec City. 2 employees.


After several years of experimentation, the time has come to become a bigger company. It is the arrival of a new partner (Jean) and the emergence of the current name. Infernal Media starts up with three employees and quickly diversifies its range of services for new dealership customers in addition to carrying out more significant mandates in the months that follow.


It is the time of the pandemic. Despite the challenges of teleworking, the company is adapting by offering new services and supporting its customers in these difficult times. Infernal Media experienced sustained growth, had clients in 6 Canadian provinces, and now has 12 employees. The company plans to move into its new offices in the winter of 2021.

Do you find us likable ?
You're right !

We are optimistic and dynamic people, so that's one good point for you if you've taken the time to get to know us! Maybe we could return the favour to you ? If you have any questions, ideas, let's share them !